Paintings Continued


In addition to barnyards the Northwoods provides many subjects...

 " Grouse"  9" X 12"       


                         as do family pets:





Our dog Duchess died over 30 years ago but the memory of her still lingers.






             "Geese  512"    




                                                                                  "I'm Bad!"   Available as ceramic or marble tile

                                                                                           6" X 6"............$30

                                                                                           4" X 4"............$17    

This was one mean rooster but he provided me with a great painting opportunity.  It is one of the most popular paintings I have ever done and I have sold many reproductions and ceramic or marble tiles with this image.                                                                                                  


                                                                                       "'"Opposite Points of View"      



                                  "View from My Backyard"


"Ephemerella dorothea"

"Ephemerella dorothea" was created from a crude sketch of a mounted Bass that was in a cafe at Lake Fork in Texas over 30 years ago.  I had no art equipment with me so I asked a waitress for a pen and did the sketch on a napkin.  It was like drawing on a blotter.  Still, the sketch and my memory allowed me do create the painting many years later.  Ephemerella dorothea is the name for the may fly.



h"Out of My Way"eme


 "Mice on the Rocks"


"Winter Deer"



I created a series of fish paintings.






           Florals and Still Lifes

Misty Morn

ella dorot   h"Floral # 20116"a

"Misty Morn" was originally titled "Dusky Morn".  Someone challenged whether that was a real word so I changed it to misty.  The customer is always right.



"Hollyhocks"         When I was a lad in Galena, Illinois there were hollyhocks growing all over town.  Those days are gone and so are the hollyhocks in Galena.  I still love them but have difficulty growing them here on the Bay of Green Bay, partly because the deer love them also.


 "Poinsettia and Holly 2012"

I did a ceramic tile wall mural using this Poinsettia painting.  It turned out very nice.  Contact me if you are interested.


Bad, Bad Corn

This corn crib on a friend's farm fascinated me.  It was difficult to capture the wide variations in the yellow and orange colors, not to mention the texture.  As I pondered the subject I had a crazy thought about what this corn did to be jailed like this - thus the title.





Often I do little studies prior to attempting a more finished painting.  Also often the simple study is more interesting than the more elaborate painting.


                                     "Floral 2"


Figures / Portraits



I first did the painting "Alone" very shortly after my wife Polly died.  I suppose that prompted the title.  Many folks have commented that it looks like me but it wasn't.  There were actually two old gents trying to get their boat organized prior to going fishing at Peshtigo Harbor.  I decided a single figure would make for a better painting.


"Rodeo Gal-2"               


I love rodeos.  The action is tough to capture so I had to resort to using my camera but I took a lot of liberties when doing the actual painting.



  " Uncle Henry"    He is not really my Uncle Henry...

Contact me for commissioned ancestoral portraits


"Aunt Emma"    nor is this really my Aunt Emma.


                                                                      "Native American"

    "In The Net"





During the winter of 2016 I painted in southeast Arizona and the town of Bisbe and my work is now displayed and for sale in belleza fine art gallery.