Ken Marsden Watercolors




          When I was very young cows were my most painted subject.  I think it was because cows under a shade tree in summer were so typical of the midwest I knew.  




Now, many years later, I still do a lot of cow paintings (after all, Wisconsin is the "Dairy State"), but I also have many other subjects that fascinate me.

  "Misty River"   



I love fly fishing for trout here in northern Wisconsin.  Many of my painting subjects now are scenes from the beatiful streams I fish.

  This is a great spot!  Drop the brush, pick up the fly rod and catch wild trout.

           "Smalley Falls"



  "Red River Rapids"    8" X 10"       $200

Painted "en plain air" at a Water's Edge Artist session near Gresham, Wisconsin.


I sometimes come across unexpected scenes and stuff while hiking into a remote trout stream.  "The Old Sawmill" is an example.  "NO HUNTING" is a typical rural scene.

       The Old Sawmill                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

                  "NO HUNTING"    


Sometimes I am inspired by scenes much closer to home.  "Winter Stillness" is the view of the woods directly in front of our house,


"Winter Stillness"   Can be seen at The Paint Box Gallery, Door County, WI    




  and  here is a scene made up in the studio from old photos, sketches and memories.





Last year I joined Water's Edge Artists, a group of artists devoted to Plein Air painting and to environmental and preservation issues.  "Todd's Pond" was done at one of those paint-outs.

     "Todd's Pond"   



"Barkhausen"  another plein air painting         



"Pike River"      



I live in Marinette Wisconsin.  The county is noted for its many waterfalls.  I find them difficult to capture but I keep trying.



                                                                                                                  "Favorite Spot"      




  Sometimes, especially during our long winters, I create paintings from images that have been "kicking around in my head" for years.  "Been There" and "Searching" are examples.





                                                "Mansion Ruins at Night"       

A plein air painting of the ruins at the former Alexian Brother's Novitiate estate near Gresham, Wisconsin.




  I belong to a great cooperative gallery in Escanaba, Michigan.  You can find East Ludington Gallery's web site.  Many of my paintings hanging in that gallery are scenes of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.




                        "Stonington 4 12  "                                                                         



    "Bond Falls,UP MI" 


I was born in and grew up in Galena, Illinoiis.  If you do not know Galena go there.  You will not regret it.


          "Galena-View from Grant Park"                                                      "Galena -Grant Park Band Stand"



  " Galena-Bench Street"   



"Galena - Prospect & Hill Streets"


Before I grew old I used to have a sail boat and had access to great scenes on the Great Lakes.  Now I am limited to painting from shore.


     "Late Arrival"    


After I had to sell my sail boat I bought land "up nort" and built a cabin.  On my trips to and from the cabin I passed a barn that I have included in numerous paintings.  At night, as I would pass, there would be a warm orange glow coming from the tiny windows.  It always gave me a warm, comfortable feeling.  I have painted the scene in all of the seasons.





                      "Comfortable - Spring"     


         "Road to Town" below depicts the same road.                                                                                                                                                        


     "Road to Town"                                                                          



There are two Brule Rivers.  This one is on the                                                                                                                  

border between Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper



      "Brule River"              




I suppose that because I live in northern Wisconsin it is  not surprising that I paint a lot of winter scenes.

"Landscape 2/10/12"      



"Water's Edge" was painted during one of the plein air sessions.  It was cold and I knew I had to keep it simple and get inside.  I had planned to have a goose or a duck flying into the scene but it didn't happen.  I think I may still add a flight but then it won't qualify as a plein air painting.

"Water's  Edge"




I am now 82 and spent most of the winter in Arizona where I painted while working out of the town Bisbee.  Here is a painting of an old ranch manager's home near the San Pedro River.

"San Pedro House"




Yet another of my favorite painting subjects is farm scenes and farm animals.  I was struck by the incongruity of this massive and somewhat fierce looking bull lounging in a field of dainty wild flowers.  I doubt the farmer named him but I just had to title it "Chester".




I spend hours in barn yards and fields looking for subjects but I am rather particular which critters I choose to paint.  I am always on the lookout for that one that stands out and has some character.


"Listen to Me!"                                                                                                                                          

                                                                                                                               "Baby Robin"      





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              "Late Supper"